Get Dressed by Angels: Exhibition Review | SC Exhibitions

Costumes from the 1971 movie The Boy Friend
at Dressed by Angels. Photo: Garry Shaw
"In this new culture blog, I'll be taking a look into the world of exhibitions, exploring some new openings and the big touring shows, as well as some of the less covered aspects of exhibitions, from promotional posters, to the technology used to bring the displays alive. I'll also take a look at the creative process, and the people behind some of your favourite shows.

For this, the first edition of my blog, I figured that it'd be smart to get some divine help, and what better way than to visit the new Dressed by Angels exhibition, which just opened at the Old Truman Brewery in London. There, until 3rd January 2016, you'll find a large selection of costumes from stage and film, created by the famous costumiers, Angels, on Garrick Street.

Atmosphere is key for a show like this, and Dressed by Angels does a wonderful job of extracting you from the normal world and placing you into a realm of theatrics and fantasy. As you enter the venue, you're surrounded by white walls and tall glass windows. Reality is stark and bright. But to enter the exhibition, you descend a set of steps into a dark space. Like stepping onto a stage, you pass through black curtains into a world of spotlights. This is to be a performance, and the costumes, basking in the lights, are the stars of the show."

To read the rest, please follow this link: Get Dressed by Angels.