War and Trade with the Pharaohs: An Archaeological Study of Ancient Egypt's Foreign Relations (Pen and Sword, 2017)

This is my latest book, focusing on all aspects of ancient Egypt's foreign relations from prehistory to the arrival of Alexander the Great. The book is arranged chronologically, and includes up-to-date research, which over the past 20 years has adding a great deal to our knowledge of Egypt's early interactions with the wider world. I delve into warfare, trade, immigration, emigration, the exchange of ideas, periods of unity and periods of political fragmentation, and try to give readers an overview of events going on in the wider world during each period of Egypt's history. You'll find the greatest hits of Egypt's foreign relations, such as the Battle of Qadesh and Hatshepsut's trading mission to Punt, as well as lesser known events, including the Old Kingdom trading mission of Iny and the only recently revealed evidence for Middle Kingdom warfare with the city of Byblos. Aimed at general readers and undergraduate students, the book provides an introduction to Egypt's foreign relations, and serves as a foundation for anyone wanting to investigate the subject further.

War and Trade with the Pharaohs is released is available from Amazon UK and as a Kindle ebook. You can also pre-order it directly from the publisher, Pen and Sword.

The Egyptian Myths, A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends (Thames and Hudson, 2014)

This book is dedicated to all aspects of Egyptian mythology. Within, I cover creation myths, the reigns of the gods on earth, mythology and the environment, mythology in daily life, and offer a guide to the afterlife realm of the Duat (including what to eat and drink, and places to see). There's also numerous box texts dedicated to individual deities. When writing this book, my aim was to immerse the reader in the experience of ancient Egyptian mythology; mythology after all, more than collecting simple accounts of gods and heroes, provides a way to understand the world. Egypt's myths are insights into ancient psychology, windows into the Egyptian mind, and can introduce you to a whole new - yet simultaneously old - way of experiencing the world.

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"With academic authority and enjoyable style, assisted by numerous, well-chosen illustrations of gods and goddesses, Shaw's book is a lively introduction to its subject." --Current World Archaeology

The Egyptian Myths is available from Amazon UK and as a Kindle ebook. It's also available from Amazon USAmazon Canada, and as an Ibook from ITunes. You can also find it at Barnes and Noble for Nook and as a hardback, as well as from Kobo.

The Pharaoh, Life at Court and on Campaign (Thames and Hudson, 2012)

The culmination of many years of research. If you've ever wanted to know what the pharaoh did each day, this is the book for you. I cover the ideology and history of Egyptian kingship, but also the reality of being king - from the life of the crown prince, the coronation, and family life, to warfare and palace protocol.

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"Shaw's captivating study is the perfect introduction to these fabled rulers." – Publishers Weekly

The Pharaoh, Life at Court and on Campaign is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, and Amazon Canada. You can also buy it at Barnes and Noble. It is also available in Dutch and in Japanese.

With Julie Patenaude, A Catalogue of Egyptian Cosmetic Palettes in the Manchester University Museum Collection (Golden House, 2011)

An attempt to bring a rather lovely collection of objects to wider scholarly notice. There aren't many publications dedicated solely to Predynastic cosmetic palettes, so Julie and I hope this will be a useful resource. The examination of the objects was done at Manchester Museum every Friday for four months in 2008, the investigation into context and excavation history took much longer...

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A Catalogue of Egyptian Cosmetic Palettes in the Manchester Museum Collection: Vol. 1: Catalogue Egypt Collections Manchester Museum

Royal Authority in Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty (BAR International, 2008)

This is my first book, the publication of my PhD thesis, the result of three years worth of investigation into the personal authority of the Eighteenth Dynasty kings in relation to royal command, official appointment and military leadership. If you're one of the ten or so people who read it, thanks!

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Edited Works and Book Contributions

The Great Archaeologists (ed. by Brian Fagan, Thames and Hudson, 2014)

It is always exciting to delve into the history of Egyptology, and to learn about the explorers, adventurers, and scholars that have pieced together the history of ancient Egypt. This book tells the life stories of the world's most famous archaeologists, people who changed our understanding of the ancient world through their research across the globe. I wrote the entries on Howard Carter, Flinders Petrie, Giovanni Belzoni, Auguste Mariette, and Karl Richard Lepsius.

"Whether you are interested in the desert romance of Ur of the Chaldees or the recreation of Viking ships in Roskilde, this gloriously illustrated book is one to savour"– Minerva

The Great Archaeologists is available from Amazon UK (Hardback and Kindle) and Amazon US (Hardback and Kindle), as well as direct from Thames and Hudson.

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass (Heritage World Press, 2010)

I edited this book whilst living in Cairo and working for Heritage World Press after leaving my job as Zahi Hawass' media content manager. It was a rare privilege to be present when Sandro Vannini was photographing these priceless objects outside of their cases, and an experience I will never forget.