Egypt’s Mallawi Museum reopens with looted collection mostly restored | The Art Newspaper

Mallawi Museum. Photo: Ministry of Antiquities
The Mallawi Museum, in Egypt’s Al Minya Governorate, reopened this week after a £864,000 renovation. Most of the museum’s 1,000-piece collection has also been recovered from looters and is back on display.

The museum was ransacked in August 2013 during a period of violence in the country following the ousting of the former president Mohamed Morsi. The looters shot one member of the museum staff dead and stole almost all of the artefacts on display. Other items, too large to remove, were vandalised, destroyed or burned. The objects stolen predominantly date to the Graeco-Roman Period and included jewellery, shabti figurines depicting workers in the afterlife, statues of the gods Osiris, Isis, Hathor and Thoth, pottery, papyri, gold coins and wooden coffins.