Friday, 21 September 2012

The Pharaoh's First Review

I always wondered how I'd react to reviews. Should I refuse to read them, like some authors do, or seek out every paragraph ever published about a piece of my work. Well, my answer came yesterday as I was tipped off that a review of The Pharaoh had appeared in Current World Archaeology magazine issue 55: I immediately ran out and tracked it down. As the magazine had only just been published, not all shops had yet received the latest issue, leading to much grumbling on my part and the need to hop between London's various branches of WH Smiths like some questing knight of the Victoria line. You'll be happy to hear that victory was achieved at Euston station's branch at approx. 11am. The verdict on my book: good! (I probably wouldn't be writing this piece otherwise.) 'Lively and authoritative,' they say, 'beautifully illustrated...always with reference to written and material evidence.' Hopefully all reviews will be as positive!